Are you ready for the most amazing crypto market game?


The NowCoin Market Game was invented to create a social ecosystem for Nowcoin, with holders motivated to enter and hold Nowcoin, and with merchants interested in supplying services to the network members in exchange for Nowcoin.

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The Founders Pool will be locked during the entire time of the Game, therefore the vested Founders will not be able to intervene on the exchange.

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This pool will serve the purpose of motivating the holders in special projects. Such project may include for example competitions, organizing events, etc.

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A total number of 50 million coins are listed for sale. Anybody with a valid DEX account will be able to purchase Nowcoin from the order book.


Basic Reward: Each account holding more than 100 Nowcoins will receive a 3% reward on the balance of their account address on the 1st and 15th days of each month.

Premium Reward: The top 1000 accounts based on their Nowcoin balance will be rewarded with 8% of their balance on the 1st day of each month.